Jabsco® Triplex Head Chlorine Resistant Valve Kit

Jabsco® Triplex Head Chlorine Resistant Valve Kit

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In the past, the only solution with one of the Jabsco pumps working with chlorine was to place the commoderizer several feet before the pump or place the commoderizer after the pump and before the toilet. Now a better solution exists.

Flojet make a chlorine resistant valve kit for the Jabsco® Triplex Head pumps such as the 2.9 Model 31395-0092.  The valves are made from Viton®, the ideal material for use with our Commoderizer chlorine tablets. The valve block  forms a triangle. The base of the triangle is approximately 3.5".

Our understanding from Jabsco is that this valve block should fit all of the  marine triplex pumps. There are smaller triplex pumps, but they are not typically found in the marine world and the valve block is significantly smaller.

The valves come already assembled in the valve block. Changeout only takes a few minutes. Our video will show you how.

NOTE: The Flojet number is 20407021.

NOTE: The chemicals to make Viton® are not suitable for use with potable water systems.